AROO is the podcast for people and dogs. 

Elena Battles, your host

I help dogs by supporting the people that care for them. I worked in animal welfare administration for over a decade before founding Wagaroo, a website that makes it easier for people to get pets from ethical sources. That's important because otherwise people unknowingly buy pets from puppy mills. And puppy mills suck

On the AROO podcast, I answer questions and share my opinions about how to decide on getting a dog, where to get a dog, identifying responsible sources of dogs, how to rehome your dog when needed, and how to work with dog breeders, animals shelters, and pet rescues.  

I am most like a: German Shepherd (hypervigilant, herder of wandering family members)

I wish I was like a: Bassett Hound (sleeping)


Trey Caron, your producer

I helps dogs by producing this podcast! I'm the owner of Fluffy Bunny Productions. I grew up on the Gulf Coast and for as long as I can remember my family have had pets, most of them were adopted. At one point our home had 1 Black Pacu, legless lizard or Glass Snake, 2 Guinea Pigs, Angora Rabbit, 2 parakeets, 2 cats, and, lastly, 3 dogs. We have since dwindled our zoological habit down to one dog and one cat age 10 and 12 respectively.  I know spend my days in Washington DC watching planes take off from Reagan International airport as I work from my "studio"; which is really a closet! 

I am most like a: Cat because the balance and stealth thing is awesome and I get easily distracted by laser pointers. 

I pretend I am like a: Fish because I love water and could stay there forever.