Episode 22: Dogs & Kids with Cecilia Sternzon, CPDT-KA!

Welcome back to an AROO favorite- Cecilia Sternzon, CPDT-KA!** Cecilia is back to talk about our most asked about topic. Kids and dogs! How do you add a kiddo (dog) when you already have a dog (kiddo)?! Cecelia shares her expert approach this age-old question. 

Cecilia's blog, The HDDog Blog, is an awesome resource! There are articles about kids and dogs, dog sports, and so many other interesting topics. Warning: you won't be able to stop reading! Here are some great links from our chat!

Cecilia's training with Tesla: http://highdrivedogs.com/blog/2013/07/19/meet-tesla/

Want to check out some High Drive Dogs? You'll find them on Cecilia's Facebook page for High Drive Dogs: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hddogs/

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Cecelia & Flash, her puppy love

Cecelia & Flash, her puppy love