Episode 2: 3 Must Haves When Starting Your Puppy Search

Today we go back to the beginning. I tell you my top 3 must haves for anyone starting a dog search!

Producer Trey told us about where he got his dog, Jackal. (PSA: Don't be like Trey's neighbor and have a surprise litter of 15 puppies! Read what the American Veterinary Medical Association says about pet spay and neuter.)

Wondering about the Sarah McLaughlan ad I mentioned? Here it is! The ASPCA received more than 30 million dollars in donations because of that ad. Wow! Something to think about when we decide where to direct our donation dollars for helping animals. 

I talked about a family who wanted to adopt a Golden Retriever. Interested in this breed? Start with this national list of rescue organizations and the national breed club

Last, but not, least, I shared a few stories about my pal, Nora. If you're interested in nosework, check out the National Association of Canine Scent Work

Now I really should go and fix that screen....