Episode 10: Is K9 Nose Work for you?

Let's talk tools! Tools you can use once your dog comes home. Tools for family time, doggy confidence building, and fun! We're joined by Linda Fletcher, certified dog trainer and certified Nose Work instructor, to discuss the newish sport of K9 Nose Work.

My 2 cents? Try it! You'll like it! 

Find a certified K9 Nose Work instructor near you through the National Association of Canine Scent Work (Linda's in the San Francisco Bay Area, so if you're here, Nora and I highly recommend her classes!) 

K9 Nose Work is sometimes confused for canine search and rescue. You can learn more about that topic here  thanks to the New York Times. 

Linda + Tigger = A Great Team!

Linda + Tigger = A Great Team!

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