Episode 18: High Drive Dogs with Cecilia Sternzon

Welcome to Cecilia Sternzon, CPDT-KA!** Cecilia joins us today to talk about high drive dogs. What are they? Why are they called high drive? Are they good family dogs? Cecilia answers all our questions!

Cecilia's blog, The HDDog Blog, is an awesome resource! There are articles about kids and dogs, dog sports, and so many other interesting topics. Warning: you won't be able to stop reading! Here are some great links from our chat!

Cecilia's training with Tesla: http://highdrivedogs.com/blog/2013/07/19/meet-tesla/

Want to check out some "drivey dogs" for adoption? You'll find them on Cecilia's Facebook page for High Drive Dogs: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hddogs/

** Not sure what CPDT-KA means? Listen to Episode 16: Decoding the Dog Trainer Alphabet!

Cecilia and Flash!

Cecilia and Flash!